Our Team at Main Ridge Veterinary Clinic are committed to providing the very best in care for your beloved animals. With over 70 years combined veterinary experience we are able to offer a full range of veterinary services, from emergency fracture repairs, to routine vaccinations to breeding soundness examinations.

Our services include but aren’t limited to:

  • Routine examinations (including health checks, lump examinations, dental assessments, skin examinations, ear  examinations, etc.)
  • Preventative medicine with a full range of vaccinations options
  • Routine surgical treatments (including desexings, lump removals, dental cleanings and extractions, etc.)
  • A full range of complex soft tissue surgery (including tumour removals, eye surgery, abdominal surgery, brachycephalic (nose and throat) syndrome surgery, larygoplasty (laryngeal tie-back surgery), etc.)
  • Complex orthopaedic surgery (including cruciate repairs (including TTA technique), fracture repairs, spine and pelvic surgery (e.g. laminectomy), amputations, etc.)
  • Reproductive services
  • Dermatology services
  • Oncology treatments
  • Behaviour consultations
  • Home visits (time permitting)
  • A 24 hour emergency service

Our clinic is equipped with the latest in diagnostic tools including in-house blood analysis, cytology, digital radiology, digital ultrasound and video endoscopy.

We also work closely with a large number of specialists, pathology services and referral centres.