Our large animal and farm services has been operational on the Mornington Peninsula since being established in the 1980s. We are equipped to address any of your farming veterinary problems; from desexing your goat to your illthrifty alpaca, from a breach calving to your sick pet sheep.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Consultations and examinations
  • Pregnancy diagnosis (including manual and ultrasound examination)
  • AI and semen storage
  • Routine desexings (including under local or general anaesthetic)
  • Other routine surgery (e.g. dehorning, lump removals, claw amputation)
  • Lameness examinations
  • Dystocia services and corrections (eg. calvings)
  • Preventative medicine and procedures
  • Abdominal surgery and exploration (e.g. caesarians, LDA corrections)
  • Post mortem examination
  • Biosecurity services (including JDMAP)
  • Emergency 24hour service.