We are a mixed practice that was established in the Mornington Peninsula in 1980. Since then, we have grown and evolved into a recognised leader in veterinary care for the district.

Our team at Main Ridge Veterinary Clinic are committed to providing the very best in care for your animals. With over 70 years of combined veterinary experience, we are able to offer a full range of veterinary services.

We provide services and care for all animals; dogs and cats, horses, pocket pets, cattle, small ruminants, exotics and reptiles.

We pride ourselves on our friendly smiles and professional, industry-leading service. Our small animal vets are ready and able to provide a full range of medical, diagnostic and surgical treatments as required. The small animal clinic has recently been renovated to expand our hospital and increase the services and number of animals we can provide for. 

Our equine and large animal vets are set up for any ambulatory care or services that your animal may need. We also encourage clients to bring their animals into our newly completed equine hospital and large animal barn for consultation and treatment. This offers a more cost-effective and efficient form of service for you, as well as allowing a greater range of services, treatments and overnight care if required. We are receiving great feedback from our clients (and their animals) who have started utilising it!

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Winter Blues

Keeping your pet happy over winter.

Even our pets can feel the cold in winter time, with fewer daylight hours and the temperature dropping, every pet responds differently. Whilst some of our pets rejoice in the colder months; being able to roll in the mud and rain, many, especially the oldies, feel the cold and need some extra help.

There are a number of things we can do to help to keep our four-legged friends comfortable.


Especially for our older patients, it is common in winter to find our pets are slowing down and are no longer as comfortable doing things like climbing the stairs or jumping in the car. This could be a sign of osteoarthritis; regular check-ups can allow our vets to assess your pets range of movement. If any problems are found, the vet will be able to recommend the most effective support for your pet.

Keeping Active

Whilst it is easy to stay indoors where it is warm and cosy, it is worth putting on your boots and a few extra layers to take your dog out for a walk. Keeping active helps with joint health and mobility as well as maintaining muscle mass. Regular light exercise can also help prevent our older arthritic pets from seizing up and getting stiff.

Keeping Warm

Shorthaired pets and some elderly pets may begin to feel the cold more and need some help to keep warm. Some dogs will tolerate a coat or rug, but even an extra blanket or bedding can make a difference, especially for our older pets. A raised bed is also great for avoiding cold hard floors. For outdoor animals, ensuring they have an insulated shelter that allows them to keep out of the elements.

Most importantly, enjoy an extra cuddle or two on the couch when the weather is miserable.